Traveling in 2017

Entrance Auschwitz Camp 2
Top of the mountain in ST. Moritz

2017 was the year of travel for me. It started in January when I was in St. Moritz, Switzerland. I joined a friend of mine and her family on their ski-vacation. This was my 2nd year joining them.

Next was Krakau, Poland in April. I had been wanting to come here for a few years now. Why, you may ask? Ever since I went to the Breendonck Memorial with school I wanted to visit Auschwitz. A visit to the city was a nice extra. Breendonck had a big impact on me, I read books about the war, asked my grandparents about their experience and asked my teachers everything I could ask. Having been to Breendocnk, not much in Auschwitz shocked me, until I saw this one room in block 4. Hair. Tons of hair. Seeing this made it all even more real and very close.


After Poland came France, Paris to be precise. One of my best friends studies theater there. He showed me all his favourite spots in the city in Juin.

My next citytrip was Amsterdam with the same friend I went to St. Moritz and Krakau with. We spent a weekend here in July and visited her family (aunts, nieces, grandma…).

Hereafter (still in July) I went to Bergerac with the family, France again. We rented a house with a couple other families and spent our days cycling, running and playing board games.

Beach view in Porto Heli

After France I went straight to Greece, Porto Heli. Here I learned some Greek. Kalimera, kalispera, kalinichta.

And then it was already August so I was of to Knokke, back in Belgium.

In ocotober I visited Liège in the French side of Belgium and Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

For now, London is the only place left to visit this year.

I love to travel because I get to learn about different cultures and I get to know so many interesting people. My network has, I think doubled this year only.

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