Someone to look up to

A picture by RAIA
A picture by RAIA

It’s not often that you meet people you can look up to. And by meet, I mean actually sit down and talk to. Not the Angelina Jolie or Stephen Hawkings type. This was the case with my friend Raia Maria Laura. I met her during a shoot, she was the photographer. We got along instantly and did several other shoots together. I saw her grow into this amazing, inspiring woman. She is devoted to her passion, photography. She works extremely hard for it every day and she is making a name for herself “I want to be streetstyled by Raia“. She has already had the biggest celebrities in front of her camera (see more on

But her devotion to her job is only half. She inspires thousands of girls to be confident in their own body. I had always been very insecure about my body, but seeing her encourage people to be proud of who they are, just like she is, helped me a lot. Her journey started by training with a professional trainer (mealplans and all) and now she is planning on becoming a curvy model. How about that?

You can see more about her on her instagram page. Click here

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