Secondary Education

After going to ‘De Dames’ primary school, going to its secundary school was the obvious option. They were right next to each other. It was founded in 1834 and situated in the old house of an Englishman. The Mother Superior of ‘De Dames van het Christelijk Onderwijs’ monastic order was its founder. They started schools, not only in Belgium and England but also in Brazil.

It started out as an all-girls school and they were very identifiable in the city due to their uniforms. And to be honest, I hated them, but looking back I’m glad we had them. Gives you less stress in the morning. Later on, of course, boys attended the school as well.

I wasn’t the best student but I loved all my teachers and I had a few good friends. Altough, after two years, my parents and I decided it was time for a change.

So I went to the ‘Sint-Ludgardisschool School‘, still in Antwerp of course. Just like De Dames they started out as an all-girls school and was founded in 1911. They were Catholic as well. It was founded by 2 teachers and a few  flemish parents who wanted their children to be educated in their mother tongue.

Here we wore uniforms as well and I liked these better (or hated them less) than the one from De Dames because we had more freedom. I attended this school for 4 years.