Origin of my love for languages

It started with a 13 year old me going to a camp I DID NOT want to go to. My mom arranged it, I begged and pleaded but she didn’t budge. I had to go to this “french-windsurf-weird-camp-thing”. It took me about half a day to love it. I had an amazing teacher with whom I’m still in touch and I met one of my best friends there. I went for 4 years every summer, made great memories and then when I was old enough I became a teacher myself.

It was a camp for both dutch and french children, we, the dutchies, were outnumbered. I was the best in French, even though at that time that wasn’t much, so I had to do all the communications and this is how I learned to be fluent, to speak and to not be scared to make mistakes.

And that’s how it all started. Click link for more information about the camp: Easy Languages.

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