I started playing hockey when I was 6 years old. It was my aunt’s idea. Her husbands entire family played it, her children played it and since we were looking for something new she brought it up. My parents didn’t really know much about hockey and the different clubs in and around Antwerp so we went with my aunts choice: Braxgata Hockey Club. At the time, my niece played in their first team. 2 years later my aunt had a big fight with the chairman resulting in her children quitting hockey and my brother and I changing clubs. We went to KHC Dragons (KHC stands for Royal Hockey Club.) I’ve been playing there for the past 12 years and I absolutely love it.

I met almost all my friends, one way or another, through hockey. I was kind of socially awkward and being here changed that. I learned how to be a teamplayer . The past year, I was my teams manager and trust me, this is one hell of a job. You have to make sure there’s enough of you for a match, you have to arrange the car system, the teamnight… But you get great skills out of it, such as planning, decision making…

Two of the most fun hockey moments of the year, are the tournaments. Internation and BeeverlyFields. The first one is at my hockeyclub, the other one at Beerschot THC (THC stands for Tennis Hockey Club). I try to participate in at least one of them every year. We were even 3th place once (wich is kind of a big deal since we had to play against olympic-hockeyplayers). My managing skills come in handy when organising our outfit, for example, when we were ‘jailbreakers’.

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