Dominique Models

My first photoshoot

I never thought about becoming a model untill I got scouted by a photographer in the summer of 2012. She approached me, asked me if I knew the agency, gave me her card and said I should send her some pictures. So I got home, told my mom and we sent her some pictures. A week later I had my first meeting at the office. They planned my first testshoot (with the photographer that scouted me) a month later. I went on a holiday, came back, did the shoot and another 2 weeks later my contract was signed.

To this day I am still modelling, but, since I never planned on ‘making my religion’ out of it, I never really had a break through. I don’t mind. It’s an amazing hobby and I have learned so much. I used to be a really shy, insecure and introvert girl. All that changed after my first 2 years in the business.